Cape Florida Lighthouse, Key Biscayne – Bill Baggs State Park

Looking for a nice spot with some amazing views in South Florida? Cape Florida is one of the only spots before you hit the Keys where you can actually see the sun both rise and set over the water!

Located in the Greater Miami area and occupying approximately a third of the island of Key Biscayne, Bill Baggs State Park boasts some of the most beautiful beaches around. Home to the Cape Florida Lighthouse, the park was listed twice in Forbes magazine as one of the top ten beaches in America.

With its turquoise blue water, white sandy beaches, and spectacular views onto Biscayne Bay, it’s not hard to see why! Continue reading Cape Florida Lighthouse, Key Biscayne – Bill Baggs State Park

Dragonflies – Fierce Creatures

Dragonflies are fascinating insects that have captured our attention down through the ages. They have been the subject of countless stories, poetry and lore. Strangely beautiful with their large eyes, long bodies, and four large wings, hovering effortlessly in the air, they are the original drone. Dragonflies are superior in agility and deadly to a fault. Continue reading Dragonflies – Fierce Creatures