Greetings. Welcome to my nano-sized corner of the universe. I am an amateur photographer and videographer. I have always felt much more comfortable behind the lens, than in front of it.

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A passion for science, wildlife, and nature was instilled in me at an early age by my father. By teaching me a healthy respect for everything in nature, but never a loathsome fear of anything, he opened my eyes to a whole other world that many never care to see.

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I grew up on the Pacific. It is still my favorite place in the whole world. I love the jagged, rocky coastlines, and the wild, untamed waves. I love having the beach at your feet, rushing rivers full of salmon emptying into the ocean, and the snow capped peaks at your back.

Some of my best childhood memories were when my father would take me deep into the redwood forest, find an old log, and we would just sit there silently, taking it all in. There were so many sights, so many smells, so much to explore. I remember ferns so big they would engulf you. I loved listening to the rustling of the leaves and the faint creaking of the boughs as the wind would drift through the canopy of trees in this gentle, soft, hushed tone. The sun’s rays would filter ever so softly through the gently swaying tree tops high above.

sierra 1
High Sierras, Sierra Mountains, CA

Squirrels chattered in the background, as bird songs echoed all around. In the distance, the drumming percussion of a woodpecker punctuated the harmonious fusion. There was this tangle of scents: fresh rain, the sweet scent of nectar from a flowering plant, and the pleasant pungent scent of damp leaves and wet earth.

We would sit there, and after about twenty minutes, the whole forest would come alive around you. Birds, squirrels, snakes, bugs, fox, deer, raccoons, and more. There are so many images burned into my mind’s eye, so many memories. One touch, one smell, just the feel to the air on a certain day, can bring it all rushing back.  I will never forget those enchanted moments deep within the redwood forest.

I learned to love all creatures great and small, even the creepy, crawly, slithering ones that most people pass over. I am deeply grateful for the legacy my father passed on to me. My hope is that through my photography and videography, I can share with others a window into this world, a glimpse—a snapshot, as it were—of this deeply fascinating planet we call home. Earth, sky, life, and water.. it’s all quarks and leptons.

A wise person once told me that the eyes are the window to the soul. I choose to look for the good in everything, to fill my eyes with as much beauty as they can behold each and every day.

There is beauty in absolutely everything around us. You just have to stop and look.

Fountain Las Olas