Cape Florida Lighthouse, Key Biscayne – Bill Baggs State Park

Looking for a nice spot with some amazing views in South Florida? Cape Florida is one of the only spots before you hit the Keys where you can actually see the sun both rise and set over the water!

Located in the Greater Miami area and occupying approximately a third of the island of Key Biscayne, Bill Baggs State Park boasts some of the most beautiful beaches around. Home to the Cape Florida Lighthouse, the park was listed twice in Forbes magazine as one of the top ten beaches in America.

With its turquoise blue water, white sandy beaches, and spectacular views onto Biscayne Bay, it’s not hard to see why! Continue reading Cape Florida Lighthouse, Key Biscayne – Bill Baggs State Park

California Sea Lions – Naughty Or Nice?

Sea lions have a reputation for being comical, whimsical and downright entertaining, with their playful antics while in the water. The now infamous Pier 39 in San Francisco was taken over by sea lions in the late 1980’s and is now one of the most popular tourist attractions on the waterfront. There is even a live webcam devoted to the sea lions year round.

Although the name implies that they are from California, the California Sea Lion ranges in habitat on the west coast from Mexico to British Columbia and Alaska. Their unmistakable and distinctive “bark” gives them away immediately. Anyone who is fortunate to witness them in the wild will walk away with a new appreciation of this intelligent, wild creature. Continue reading California Sea Lions – Naughty Or Nice?

Squirrels – Nuts For Squirrels

Many find this energy-packed powerhouse a nuisance, of sorts. They can strip trees of fruit, empty a bird feeder in minutes, and chew yard ornaments into termite fodder in seconds.

However, these mischievous and clever little creatures are also true dynamites in their own light. They have adapted to urban life without missing a blink. They are hard workers. They store food caches for the future. They expend energy and they recycle. They replenish the environment around them, always leaving more than what they take. In short, we can learn a lot from a squirrel. Continue reading Squirrels – Nuts For Squirrels

The Florida Everglades – Much More Than Just Another Swamp

What thoughts are conjured up in your mind when you think of the Florida Everglades? Can you feel the sweltering humidity, the thickness in the air? Do you think of alligators slicing stealthily through the water next to the tangled roots of the intertwining mangrove forest? Do you hear the high-pitched buzzing of mosquitoes swarming in the air?

These are all things you will find here. However, the Everglades is so much more than just another swamp. It is a unique ecosystem that supports diverse plant and animal life found nowhere else. Continue reading The Florida Everglades – Much More Than Just Another Swamp