Fossil Hunting at Caspersen Beach

Don’t just go to the beach, have an adventure. Now you can go to the beach and dig for fossils, too!

For your next beach vacation, learn about Caspersen Beach near Venice, Florida, where you can turn your next beach vacation into an educational fossil dig.

Known by the locals as “black gold,” people mine for fossilized shark teeth here which appear in abundance. There is also the chance of finding megaladon teeth, a real prehistoric relic.

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A Visit To The Elk River Salmon Hatchery – Port Orford, Oregon

People have differing opinions on the benefits and disadvantages of fish hatcheries. The most obvious benefit of a fish hatchery is, of course, increasing the numbers of the fish. Fish hatcheries are instrumental in restoring endangered fishing populations, which can mean the difference in the survival of a specific species.

Fish hatcheries also collect critical data involving population numbers, parasites, disease, threats, water quality and genetic diversity, which is vital for future conservation efforts. Fish hatcheries keep a finger on the pulse of the environment, and can help to determine when sections of a river, or in some cases, an entire river as a whole, needs to be shut down for fishing, in an order to replenish decreasing populations of wild fish, or otherwise contribute to the health of the river system.
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The Florida Everglades – Much More Than Just Another Swamp

What thoughts are conjured up in your mind when you think of the Florida Everglades? Can you feel the sweltering humidity, the thickness in the air? Do you think of alligators slicing stealthily through the water next to the tangled roots of the intertwining mangrove forest? Do you hear the high-pitched buzzing of mosquitoes swarming in the air?

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