Burrowing Owl Gallery

This gallery is devoted to the burrowing owls I have come to know and love in and around my neighborhood.  Each has his or her own personality and is so unique. It is such a treasure to watch these creatures.

I hope you enjoy looking at these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them and learning about these lovely pint-sized raptors.

Little Adi

The word “Adi” in Hebrew means jewel, or ornament. It is a fitting nickname. Little Adi is beautiful, bright and gentle. She is curious, comical, fiercely observant, and always on her toes.


Seemingly the runt of the litter, little Squawk lives up to his name. As you can see in the pictures, there is nary a moment that he isn’t squawking loudly, making sure that everyone around him is well aware of his opinion… on everything! Always entertaining, Squawk certainly keeps things real.


Rusty is the middle sibling. He is more laid-back and prefers dozing in the sunlight near the entrance of the burrow. He turns a deaf ear to his little sibling’s tantrums.

He’s just a softy at heart, though. When he is awake, he is often seen giving cuddles and reassurance to little Squawk.

Yellow Eyes

Mr. Amarillo has some pretty amazing eyes. Apparently, he has adapted pretty well to this urban development, considering his determined non-chalance to this rusty fence he is photographed near.

He is father to Little Adi, Squawk, and Rusty. He is sharp, very focused and a bountiful provider. He is fiercely protective.


Luna is the matriarch of the family. She is shy and graceful. She is an excellent teacher and a doting mother. Nothing escapes her notice.

As her name implies, she seems to favor the late evenings and early twilight hours. You will often see Luna fluttering around chasing prey in the luminescent glow of  moonlight.

Other than seeing evidence of her, puffs of sand as she carries out routine burrow maintenance, she is not seen as much as the other owls during the day. But make no mistake. She is ever present, attending to her family. She just happens to be a bit of a shape-shifter in the shadows. I’m still searching for the opportunity for a good photo of Luna.



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