Fossil Hunting at Caspersen Beach

When most people think of visiting the beach, they think of building sand castles, snorkeling, sunbathing and splashing in the waves. Fossil hunting would most likely be one of the last things on anyone’s mind. But what would you think if I told you that you may be able to go fossil hunting on your next beach trip?

Well, first things first. If you would like to combine a sun-n-fun trip with a bit of paleontology, it all comes down to location, location, location.

Choose to visit Florida in the near future, and you can look up a little city on the western coast of the peninsula, about an hour north of Fort Myers. Caspersen Beach is a popular but somewhat secluded destination spot located near Venice, Florida.

Caspersen Beach happens to be known as Shark Tooth Capital of the World. As it turns out, rather than just another day at the beach, you can use a “Florida snow shovel” (a sifter/scoop with a perforated metal basket base on a long handle) to mine for shark teeth.

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Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “What’s so special about shark teeth? They may be cool, but every beach has them.”

Well, we’re not talking about just any kind of shark teeth here, we’re talking about what the locals refer to as “black gold,” otherwise known as fossilized shark teeth. This is where they get their rich dark color.

In fact, some people, especially the kids, have even more fun when they get home and do research and find out exactly what kind of shark teeth they have found. There are many charts available online and in town at the souvenir shops to help in the identification process. This makes the adventure both entertaining and educational.

For more information on identifying fossilized shark teeth,  printable Shark Teeth ID charts and to access a wealth of other information on these marine creatures, please visit the FossilGuy’s website here.


Not only that, but at Caspersen Beach, you might find more than just fossilized shark teeth. People find megaladon teeth here quite often! Do I have your attention now?

Megaladon TOOTH

That’s right. Come to Caspersen Beach and you may be able to find your very own megaladon tooth. What better souvenir could you possibly bring home from a beach trip than that?

Keep in mind also that some megaladon teeth can sell for hundreds of dollars. So perhaps if you find two or three, it may just pay for your whole vacation!

Even if you don’t find megaladon teeth, just the adventure of searching for these relics is something that you’ll remember for years. Imagine telling your friends that you went on a fossil dig at the beach!

There are also many other interesting things that you can see at Caspersen Beach. Besides the snake-like whelk egg cases [see picture below] and sea shells that line the beach, there are ghost crabs, manatees, dolphins and sea turtles.

Snorkeling adventures bring other delights. Schools of colorful fish fill the underwater world surrounding Caspersen Beach.


Caspersen Beach, unlike many other beaches in Florida, has a rocky coastline. The beach here is 1 1/2 miles long with multiple entry points and a beach front park. There are restrooms and showers available. Picnic shelters combined with a playground for the kids makes this a family-friendly destination.

So, before you plan your next beach trip, think about visiting Caspersen Beach, Florida. Don’t just go to the beach… plan your very own unique adventure.

For more information on Caspersen Beach amenities near Venice Beach, Florida, please click here.

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